CIQAM Summer Internship Program


The purpose this policy is to provide the necessary structure for the implementation of Internship program at CIQAM of Aga Khan Cultural Service Pakistan.


  • The students enrolled in graduate degree level programs or graduated from a university/college will be eligible for the internship program.
  • The internship will be offered to the students of technical field (architecture), Social Sciences and Business administration (HR and Finance)
  • Those students who belongs to Hunza specifically Altit,Karimabad,Aliabad and Ganish

Duration of Internship program:

The duration of internship program will be of maximum three months (nine weeks).The internship programs will be of Full time basis and the more preferred time for internship program will be the summer vacations of the student.


The intern will get per month honorarium (paid internship) based on skills and the intern will not be considered as a regular staff.