Sessions on Green Timber Value-Chain

A Ciqam designated team of 5 women carpenters and surveyor trained in modern techniques of carpentry, with international exposure and understanding on ‘greenwood’ and its importance for the local economy. Nine (9) awareness workshops were conducted for LSOs and carpenters with the support of AKRSP regional and field offices staff in four districts (Astor, Ghizer, Gilgit and Hunza-Nagar) of Gilgit-Baltistan. The purpose of conducting sessions were to share vital information on ‘greenwood’ with the stakeholders particularly saw-mill owners, carpenters and suppliers, and also to make people aware of its importance for local economy and environment. Second, to make people aware of the application and utilization of greenwood in a more efficient and effective manner and promote ‘greenwood’ as an alternative construction material in GB. Third, to make them aware of improvements made in carpentry both in skills and technology in order to enable carpenters have access to improved earnings. Finally, to make carpenters aware of health and safety issues to avoid physical inabilities.

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